Monday, 13 February 2012

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From the farm to your home!

In the farms of Lipa City, known for its cool, clean air, and rich soil, some of the finest breed of goats from Australia and the USA feed happily on green grass that grows abundantly in the area.

Premium quality milk from these goats go straight to pasteurisation and bottling and delivered fresh to your home.

Enjoy the wholesome goodness of Leon Philippe's healthy products.  Feel free to visit the Leon Philippe Online Shop by clicking on the link below.


Leon Philippe Pastillas de Leche

Indulge in the deliciously sweet milk candy, “pastillas de leche”, made from goat’s milk.  Our perfectly natural and healthy pastillas is a perfect gift for friends and family to enjoy.

Pastillas de Leche, although originating from the Philippines, is actually a Spanish term that literally means “milk candy”.  Our sweet delights are made from 100% natural goat’s milk and have a soft texture that is low in fat compared to the usual milk candies. 

Have a sweet tooth but worried about weight gain?  Look no further!  Now you can satisfy your Sweet Addiction without worrying about your calories.

Leon Philippe Fresh and Guilt-Free Ice Cream!

Now you can enjoy your favorite ice cream flavors without worrying about weight gain with our delicious and creamy goat’s milk ice cream. 

Definitely a great source of calcium and is a good source of protein, phosphorus, vitamin B2 and potassium. It is perfect for Lactose intolerance and rivals Italian gelato but with less than half the fat.

This ice cream comes in various gourmet flavors such as Rich Chocolate, Passionate Strawberry and Creamy Vanilla.

Eat twice as much, guilt-free with Leon Philippe’s low-fat , low in lactose, ALL NATURAL ice cream!

Many people have allergies to dairy products derived from cows, and definitely, Leon Philippe's goat's milk ice cream is a delicious alternative that can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Our rich and flavourful ice cream is made from only the best local produce for that luxurious taste and velvet smooth texture.

Watch out for our yoghurt products very soon!

Leon Philippe International Cheeses

Enjoy our various cheese ranges from the creamy and mild cheese spreads, to the richer and courser round discs.  Leon Philippe offers you the chance to savour our cheese products and delight in the textures of creamy, crumbly and semi-firm Italian and French cheese classics fresh from the farm!

Goat’s cheese, in comparison to cow’s cheese, boasts of lower fat, calories and cholesterol yet also provides more calcium. It is perfect for spreads, dips,  and use in sandwiches.  It has a chemical profile that makes it beneficial for people suffering from intolerance to dairy products derived from cow's milk. It contains less lactose as compared to cow's milk and cheese with smaller fat globules which make the cheese easier to digest.

Goat's cheese contains fewer harmful substances than cow's cheese, and provides more vitamin and mineral content.


A 1-oz. serving of a typical brand of goat cheese contains 70 calories, 45 of which are from fat. A 1-oz. serving of a typical brand of cheddar cheese, however, contains 110 calories and 80 from fat. If you substitute a serving of goat cheese for cheddar each day for a week, you will cut nearly 300 calories from your diet.

LOW IN SODIUM; High in Protein, Vitamins and Minerals!

Excessive intake of sodium in one's diet can cause higher blood pressure and heart disease. Most doctors advise to limit sodium intake to about 1,500 mg per day.  Since goat's cheese has 65 mg of sodium in an ounce serving, it is generally safe to indulge in!  Goat's cheese is high in vitamins D, K, thiamine and niacin compared to cow's cheese, as well as Vitamin B, riboflavin and mineral phosphorus.  It is a great source of micronutrients for both kids and adults alike.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


The Philippines was the 4th largest coffee producing country in the world that boasts of a vibrant coffee culture, with coffee shops springing out in all cities and towns; boasting of a rich heritage in both coffee production and consumption. 

Leon Philippe celebrates the historic coffee traditions that endured since the Spaniards came centuries ago and aims to provide you with a variety of rich, vibrant and organic coffee blends – the best way to start each day!

Our Kakaloka Coffee comes in 3 blends:

Our “Award-winning”, Silver medal winner in the 2009 Sydney Fine Food Show: Smokin Joe Black Blend; our Fairtrade & Organic Blend, and our dark roasted, MAC Blend which boasts of chocolate and bitter-sweet flavours.

SMOKIN' JOE BLACK BLEND is the Silver medal winner in the 2009 Sydney Fine Food Show, Class 1, Espresso, Short Black, very good for brewed coffee, perculator and espresso.  It is a combined blend of Brazilian, Guatemalan and African coffees.  This has a medium roast, flavour profile; very sweet, with hints of citrus and floral fragrance. Smokin Joe Black is Rainforest Alliance Certified.

FAIRTRADE & ORGANIC BLEND is Fairtrade certified which guarantees a fair price paid to coffee producers. Certified organically grown. Medium-dark roast, excellent all-rounder.  Works well as a brewed, plunger and perculated coffee.  Very good as an espresso based coffee, flavour shows hints of caramel and honey-like sweetness.  Perfect as a breakfast coffee paired with bacon and eggs as well as sweets and cakes.

MAC BLEND is a darker roast with chocolate and bitter-sweet flavours, excellent for espresso preparation and goes well with milk-based drinks such as cappuccino and cafe latte.  It is a blend of Brazil, Africa, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and El Salvador coffees.

Leon Philippe: Capriccio Beauty and Essential Products

Natural Beauty Essentials for Naturally Healthy Skin

Rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, fresh goat's milk is Mother Nature's greatest contribution to health and beauty. Working closely with the goats, our daily mission at LeonPhilippe is
to constantly develop new ways to use their magical milk to nourish a healthier, softer, more natural world.

The benefits of goats milk are legendary & have been used for centuries as a luxurious beauty aid. Goat Milk Contains:

- Alpha-Hydroxyl acids which are restorative & rejuvenating qualities
- Hydrating properties which promote moisture and prevent dryness
- Essential proteins, amino acids & vitamin-A which all nourish the skin
- Beta-Hydroxyl acids which exfoliate old skin & produce smooth glowing skin
- Lactic acid gently cleanses & softens skin, stimulating skin cell renewal

LeonPhilippe offers a wide range of soaps and creams to nourish and care for your sensitive skin with moisturizing, anti-aging, whitening properties so you can pamper and rejuvenate yourself with our natural beauty essentials:

Capriccio Shampoo with Goat's Milk and Coconut – An exclusive blend of Goat's Milk, Coconut Milk,  Argan Oil, Keratin Protein and Moisturizers. These are the most versatile natural ingredients in providing moisturizing benefits enhanced with vitamin B-complex that provides manageability to limp and oily hair. Leaves hair with great body, bouncy, shiny and natural luster.

Capriccio Conditioner with Goat's Milk and Coconut - A remarkable formula fortified with Goat's Milk, Coconut Milk, Argan oil and Keratin Protein, an excellent ingredients for a healthy hair. It works to rehydrate dry, damaged hair. It helps prevent breakage, smoothen split ends and revitalize hair silkiness to give it a healthy shiny appearance.

Coming soon….
Capriccio BB Cream (Blemish Balm Cream) - BB cream has been named "the secret of Korean actresses" and has been heavily endorsed by Korean celebrities, which gained it large exposure in these Asian markets. But the formula is reported to have come from Germany where dermatologists use it for healing laser skin surgery because of its characteristic soothing and skin-regenerating properties. BB creams come in a variety of different formulations and qualities mainly perceived as being anti-inflammatory and having a soothing effect. BB Cream is an all-in-one cosmetic beauty and skincare product. Capriccio BB Cream can act as foundation, concealer, sunblock, and moisturizer all in one go. Also, LeonPhilippe's Capriccio Body Soap with Argan Oil and Capriccio Body Soap with Glutathione are coming soon to cleanse and nourish your skin.


Net wt.: 90 grams as packed


A natural hand-made Goat’s Milk Whitening Soap containing Papaya extracts and Gigawhite which helps lighten skin and provides anti-oxidative properties. This soap also contains Oatmeal extracts that helps maintain skin’s firmness and silky smooth.
Direction for use:
Lather gently all over the face and body to achieve a soft and supple end feel, for cleansing use only.


Net wt.: 150 grams as packed


This Goat’s Milk Moisturizing soap helps improve skin smoothness and provides nourishment on every use. This soap also maintains skin’s suppleness and natural radiance every after use.
Direction for use:
Lather gently all over the face and body to achieve a soft and supple end feel, for cleansing use only.


Net wt.: 90 grams as packed


This nourishing Goat’s Milk Soap help smoothes skin and lightens fine lines, with the aid of Vitamin E it helps protect skin from environmental aggressors and prevents dryness. This soap also helps improve skin’s elasticity and skin’s natural glow.

Direction for use:

Lather gently all over the face and body to achieve a soft and supple end feel, for cleansing use only.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Do Well and Do Good!

From the farm.. to your home..
In the farms of Lipa City, known for its cool, clean air and rich soil, some of the finest breed of goats from Australia and the USA feed happily on green grass that grows abundantly in the area.  Premium quality milk from these goats go straight to pasteurisation and bottling, and delivered fresh to your home!

Leon Philippe Industries is dedicated to nation building and the development of our corporate partners. Our line of quality products include Dairy Fresh Goat's Milk, International Cheeses, Capriccio Beauty Products, and Kakaloka Coffee are created with the aim of helping people become partners in economic progress and healthy supporters of growth and good values.  Thus, the slogan, "Do well and do good."

Find out more about becoming a Leon Philippe Partner by clicking on "Join Us" in their website's main menu.